What is MKI?

MKi is a standardized way of ranking Mortal Kombat: 2011 and Injustice: Gods Among Us players, using only their results vs. each other in a tournament setting.

Which Tournaments Does The Rating Include?

Thus far it includes EVO, the 4 Major League Gaming events from 2012 (Columbus, Anaheim, Raleigh and Dallas), Season's Beatings: Ascension, NEC XIII, SCR:2013, and Winter Brawl 7.

Why These Events Specifically?

For two reasons: 1) It was possible to get complete bracket data or Tio files for these tournaments, giving an official record of every win and loss, and 2) These are large tournaments with a good representation of top players from more than one region.

How Are Players Ranked?

Players are ranked solely by their wins and losses against other players. The formula used to calculate the totals is decades old, and is used for everything from chess to professional ball sports to Starcraft and League of Legends.

Why is This Important?

Other methods of ranking have significant flaws. Assigning points based on the size of the tournament, the amount of money awarded, or arbitrarily assigning much higher point levels to certain tournaments. Or using methods like only taking a player's top X performances (meaning that if a player has 3 terrible tournaments in a row, it might not affect their rating at all), while superstars who have more than X great performances during the rating period are penalized by the limit.

To have a truly balanced rating system, it's necessary to eliminate as many subjective factors as possible -- so that players are ranked on their performance alone, vs. other players.

By calculating ratings based on player vs. player performance, none of the extra arbitrary "tweaks" are needed, personal opinion is removed, and the results are based 100% on record and math.

What are the Qualifications for Rated Events?

In order to be fair, an effort has been made to not include tournaments which feature one region of players almost exclusively. This means no locals, team tournaments etc. If an event meets the qualifications to be ranked, the Tio bracket files (or a complete Challonge bracket) are all that is needed to import the results to the database.

This means that updates are quick, accurate, and incredibly fast.

What Does a Player Need to be Ranked?

Players are ranked after they've completed at least 6 matches in ranked tournaments. This ensures that enough data is available for the player's rating to mean something.